BR Cycles

First CAADP BR cycle: 2015 - 2017

Inaugural Biennial Report on the Implementation of the Malabo Declaration

The African Union Commission and the NEPAD Agency together with the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and Member States, in collaboration with partners designed for the first time ever a Biennial Reporting Mechanism and established a pool of technical experts to strengthen the culture of mutual accountability and developed the “Inaugural Biennial Report on the Implementation of the Malabo Declaration” in 2017. Among other commitments, Mutual Accountability to Results and Actions involved a biennial Agricultural Review Process that involves tracking, monitoring and reporting on implementation progress in achieving the provisions of the Malabo Declaration was endorsed.

The CAADP Biennial Review process is a joint mutual accountability mechanism to track the progress of the African Union (AU) Member States in implementing the Malabo Declaration.

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